Stolen Foo Fighters mirror returned to Australian bar

ABC/Fred WatkinsThe saga of the stolen Foo Fighters mirror has come to an end.

Last weekend, the Cherry Bar in Melbourne, Australia revealed that a mirror donated by Dave Grohl and company to the bar during their Australian tour earlier this year had been stolen. After imploring the alleged thieves to return the mirror, lest the the police get involved, the bar now reports it’s on its way back to its proper home.

“Today I got a grovelingly apologetic phone call from the ‘thief,'” Cherry Bar posted on Facebook Wednesday. “He is mailing the mirror back to Cherry Bar from Adelaide, where he lives.”

After news of the thievery broke, Foo Fighters offered to send the bar a new mirror. “Thanks to the Foo Fighters for offering to replace the mirror, but as anticipated we got it back under our own steam,” the Cherry Bar post reads.

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