Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus: My son thinks I’m a “lame dad”

ABC/Paula LoboGiven that Blink-182 has sold over 13 million albums, it’s safe to assume that a fair number of people would consider bassist/vocalist Mark Hoppus to be “cool.” However, his 15-year-old son Jack is not one of them.

“My son was telling me at one point about not being cool and I was like, ‘What are you talking about? I play in a rock band. I’m cool,'” Hoppus tells People magazine. “And he said, ‘Yeah, you’re ‘guy in a band’ cool, but you’re not like cool-cool.”

“I think my son likes what I do,” he continues. “But at the same time he kind of rolls his eyes at me and thinks I’m a lame dad.”

In between trying to convince his son that he’s cool, Hoppus and Blink are in the middle of their Kings of the Weekend Las Vegas residency. The pop-punk trio have essentially been digging into every era of their career for the residency, which has led Hoppus to reflect on the band’s early years.

“I love our entire catalog and I wouldn’t necessarily change what we recorded but listening to our singing and playing from ’97, more than 20 years ago, is almost like looking at pictures of yourself when you were in junior high school,” he says.

Blink’s Vegas residency continues this weekend with shows on June 15 and June 16. However, the band is off for Father’s Day, June 17, so if Jack was waiting for an opportune time to call his dad cool, that’d probably be it.

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