Wherever I May Dance, Dance: How Fall Out Boy wants to emulate Metallica

ABC/Fred LeeOver the weekend, Fall Out Boy played the biggest show of their career when they headlined Wrigley Field in their hometown of Chicago. The band still has ambition for more, though, and bassist Pete Wentz wants their future to emulate Metallica‘s career.

“Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’ was pervasive, but it was like, ‘This is our band,'” Wentz tells Billboard. “This is one [song] that is for me, the misaligned people. The people who are weird and odd. I think we’re shooting to be that band for somebody.”

“So maybe we’re your entry point into finding and discovering another world, knowing that there can be these other bands that are like that,” he adds.

Wentz also hopes that Fall Out Boy will one day move past genre labels, much like Metallica has transcended beyond just heavy metal.

“There’s a lot of bands where you’re talking about the band and you’re like, ‘Yeah they’re heavy metal’ but when you talk to somebody you’re like, ‘Metallica just sounds like Metallica,'” he explains. “They are a descriptor, their name is a descriptor and I think that’s good thing to shoot for too, because at that point it’s not genre — you just kind of become a thing unto yourself.”

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