Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda wants “Post Traumatic” shows to be uplifting: “That’s of the highest importance to me”

Credit: Frank Maddocks Linkin Park‘s Mike Shinoda will launch his first North American solo tour Wednesday night in Montreal. He’ll be supporting his new album Post Traumatic, which details his grieving process following the death of his friend and band mate, Chester Bennington. Obviously the album is very emotional, and Shinoda wants that to be reflected in the live show.

“I wanna present the music the best way I can, keeping in mind that this is a very personal album,” Shinoda tells ABC Radio. “I wanna make sure that when I do it, I present it in a way that stays personal.”

While Shinoda expects all sorts of feelings to be flying around, he wants his live show to ultimately be an uplifting experience.

“If you’re coming to a concert, I want it to be fun,” he says. “I don’t want anybody to be A., scared to come to the concert for fear that it’d be too depressing, and B., I don’t want them leaving the concert feeling like I brought them down.”

“I want to bring them up for sure,” he adds. “That’s of the highest importance to me.”

Shinoda’s North American tour will conclude November 17 in Silver Spring, Maryland.

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