AWOLNATION’s Aaron Bruno mourns loss of home and studio in California wildfires

ABC/Randy HolmesAWOLNATION frontman Aaron Bruno has revealed that he lost his Malibu home in the California wildfires. The house included a studio where Bruno recorded the band’s latest album, Here Come the Runts.

On his Instagram, Bruno shared a photo of the rubble, along with a caption in which he mourned the loss.

“She produced some of the most meaningful songs and memories of my life,” Bruno wrote of the house. “Here Come the Runts was recorded here, and those songs will forever be connected to this place…Any time we play one of those songs, she will be on my mind, and I will be holding back tears.”

“I KNOW how lucky I am to have survived this, and that so many people were much less fortunate,” he continued. “But this is important to me to lay her down to Rest In Peace.”

AWOLNATION just got off the road after opening for Twenty One Pilots‘ Bandito tour.

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