Mike Shinoda explains the shady math on Fort Minor’s “Remember the Name”

ABC/Image Group LAMike Shinoda is explaining his less-than correct math on the Fort Minor hit “Remember the Name.”

On the track, the Linkin Park vocalist/multi-instrumentalist raps, “This is 10 percent luck, 20 percent skill/15 percent concentrated power of will/Five percent pleasure, 50 percent pain/And a hundred percent reason to remember the name.” In the context of the song, it’s clear that all those items lead up to 100 percent to “remember the name,” but since Shinoda uses the word “and,” his lyrics technically add up to 200 percent.

When someone called out Shinoda about his math error on Twitter, the musician claimed artistic license.

“‘And 100%’ sounded better than ‘that’s 100%,'” Shinoda responded.

“Remember the Name” is included on Fort Minor’s first and only album, 2005’s The Rising Tied. Shinoda briefly brought back the project in 2015 with a one-off single called “Welcome.”

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