Muse tested, mom approved: How the weirdest track on “Simulation Theory” came together

Credit: Danny ClinchMuse has been known to go down a weird rabbit hole or two musically, but the British rockers may have outdone themselves with “Propaganda,” a Timbaland-produced track from their new album Simulation Theory. Speaking with ABC Radio, drummer Dominic Howard remembers being nervous about the track as Muse was recording it.

“That was one of the times in the studio where you’re like, ‘I don’t know about this. I don’t know whether this is gonna work…This is so f***ing weird,'” Howard remembers. “For us, maybe not weird in the world of music generally, but in the world of Muse, it’s so f***ing weird, I don’t know what people are gonna think about it.”

Luckily, Muse got a confidence boost about the song from an unlikely source: Howard’s mom.

“I was driving around in the car with my mum with a very early version of it, and she’s like, ‘What’s this? This is great!'” Howard recalls.

“She’s quite a good barometer…of just someone who doesn’t know tons about music, but gives you an idea of whether it keeps your attention or not,” the drummer adds of his mother. “And she was really into it.”

It turns out that Muse fans share Howard’s mom’s opinion.

“It’s been interesting seeing people’s reactions, ’cause I’ve seen a lot of people go, ‘What the f*** is this? This is so weird, but I kinda like it,'” Howard says.

“I love that kind of reaction,” he adds. “‘Cause you’re kinda shocked, but into it at the same time.” 

Muse will launch a U.S. tour in support of Simulation Theory February 22 in Houston.

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