Radiohead’s Thom Yorke says he’s skipping Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction due to scheduling conflict

Courtesy Rock & Roll Hall of FameRadiohead frontman Thom Yorke won’t be attending the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony due to a scheduling conflict.

Speaking with Variety, Yorke says that he’s written a piano piece for the Paris Philharmonic, and he needs to attend its premiere.

“I can’t,” Yorke says of attending the Rock Hall induction. “I know I can’t, because of these piano pieces that I’ve written. There’s the Paris Philharmonic, so I have to be there for that.”

Variety notes that Yorke’s piece premieres on April 7, nine days after the induction ceremony takes place March 29 in Brooklyn, New York.

Even if he felt he could make it, Yorke doesn’t sound too keen on the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in general.

“We’ve always been very blasé about that stuff,” Yorke tells Variety. “So we don’t want to offend anyone. We just think that we just don’t quite understand it.”

“We’ve had it explained to us, so it’s cool,” he continues. “But we don’t really understand it as English people. I think our problem is essentially that every awards ceremony in the U.K. stinks.”

Yorke adds his opinion of awards shows is colored by the U.K.’s version of the Grammys, the Brits, which he describes as “this sort of drunken car crash that you don’t want to get involved with.”

However, there’s one awards show Yorke seems amenable to: the Oscars. His song “Suspirium,” recorded for the film Suspiria, is included on the shortlist for a Best Original Song nomination.

“The Oscar thing makes a bit more sense, I guess, because I’ve had it explained to me a bit more,” Yorke says. “I mean, I hope it gets nominated.”

“Sometimes it’s nice to be recognized,” he adds. “Sometimes, if you understand what it means.”

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