Taking Back Sunday channeled the early days with new “Twenty” compilation: “There were no adults in the room”

Credit: Natalie EscobedoTaking Back Sunday‘s new career-spanning Twenty compilation is out today. The album collects 19 of the band’s most beloved songs, plus two new tracks. As they looked back over their career, TBS fittingly channeled their early days to put Twenty together.

“[Frontman] Adam [Lazzara] did a lot of the engineering, we produced it ourselves,” bassist Shaun Cooper tells ABC Radio. “There were no adults in the room to guide us or show us where to go. And that’s how we wrote all of our first songs, too. So it was kind of a return to form in that sense.”

In choosing which songs to include on Twenty, Taking Back focused mainly on which ones have gotten the best reception live over the last two decades.

“We haven’t had major hits throughout our career,” drummer Mark O’Connell says.”‘MakeDamnSure’ is a song that was probably our biggest…but we never went to pop radio or anything like that. So we kinda really went off what our fans like the most [live].”

Taking Back Sunday launches a U.S. tour in support of Twenty January 29, and they’ll be focusing on their first three albums. That means Cooper’s rehearsing some of those songs for the first time, since he was absent from the band from 2003 to 2010.  But he says diving back into TBS’ 2002 debut Tell All Your Friends brought back a lot of memories.

“You remember the writing and the humble beginnings and not really thinking that it was going to be anything,” Cooper says. “Like, ‘Oh, this is so cool, we get to make a record, and hopefully we’ll go on tour through the summer, and I’ll go back to school, I’ll do this and that.'”

“Eighteen years later, we’re still doing the thing,” he adds.

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