Muse’s Matt Bellamy feeling inspired by…Ed Sheeran?

Credit: Danny ClinchMuse‘s Matt Bellamy is known for being an innovative guitarist, and lately he’s been inspired by a seemingly unlikely source: Ed Sheeran.

Speaking to Guitar World, Bellamy says he’s intrigued by what the British pop star does with looping systems when he plays guitar. While he’s onstage, Sheeran will play a guitar part, record it on the spot and then play it back, or “loop” it, again and again while playing something else over it. It’s how he gets a full band sound, even though he performs solo.

“That’s something I’ve never really dabbled in, but I’d like to,” Bellamy explains. “Especially now, with the access I have to synth sounds coming from the guitar.”

“I haven’t really begun yet, but at some point I like the idea of experimenting more with getting some looping sounds going and exploring that side of it,” he adds.

So if Muse releases a new album called Looping Theory, you’ll have Ed Sheeran to thank.

In the meantime, you can catch Muse on tour in support of their new album Simulation Theory, which continues Thursday in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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