TV on the “Raditude”: How Weezer’s fabled “Black Album” finally clicked

ABC/Paula LoboAt long last, Weezer‘s fabled Black Album is out now. Given its name, you might think the latest color-themed effort from the “Buddy Holly” rockers would be a heavier guitar album, like Metallica‘s Black Album. But it’s actually more influenced by pop, maybe because, as drummer Patrick Wilson tells ABC Radio, the name for the album came before the music.

“It’s funny, ’cause we sorta kicked around the title ‘Black Album’ before we even knew what was gonna happen,” Wilson explains. “And then it became this legend.”

As the legend goes, frontman Rivers Cuomo started talking about the Black Album way back in 2016, which he described as the opposite of Weezer’s then just-released White Album.

As the years went by, though, Weezer started working on another album, which became 2017’s Pacific Daydream. Meanwhile, the Black Album, which at one time was supposed to be released in May 2018, remained in limbo.

It finally clicked into place when Weezer recruited TV on the Radio‘s Dave Sitek to produce the Black Album, who, Wilson says, gave the material a “modern” vibe.

“Dave came up [in the same era] with us, but from a very different angle,” Wilson explains. “He was more, like, street about it, and the way that kind of music gets produced is very different from a rock band.”

“It’s just got an edge to it that’s a little different than what we would normally do,” he adds of the new songs.

The Black Album isn’t even the first Weezer album to come out this year. In January, they surprise-released the Teal Album, a collection of 10 covers, including their hit take on Toto‘s “Africa.”

Weezer will launch a North American tour behind both albums Friday, March 8 in Louisville, Kentucky alongside Pixies.

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