Warped Tour founder “tried” to reunite My Chemical Romance for festival’s 25th anniversary celebration

Marc Andrew Deley/FilmMagicWarped Tour will celebrate its 25th anniversary this year with a series of special events, including one scheduled for June 29-30 in My Chemical Romance‘s home state of New Jersey. Given how Warped Tour helped start the MCR’s career, some fans were hoping, however unrealistically, that the currently broken-up band might get back together for the occasion. One of those people was the founder of Warped Tour himself, Kevin Lyman.

Responding to a fan asking about the possibility of the “Helena” rockers playing the New Jersey date, Lyman replied, “I tried.”

“It would have been epic to have them,” he added. “Remember the first time I saw them, they were traveling in a van…every show was special.”

The New Jersey Warped event takes place June 29-30 on Atlantic City Beach, and will feature performances from Blink-182, The Offspring, 311 and A Day to Remember, among many more.

Other 25th anniversary celebrations will take place June 8 in Cleveland, Ohio and July 20-21 in Mountain View, California.

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