Watch the third installment of Alice in Chains’ “Black Antenna” film

Credit: Pamela LittkyAlice in Chains has premiered the next installment of Black Antenna, the new sci-fi companion film to the band’s Grammy-nominated album, Rainier Fog.

The new chapter, streaming now via, is accompanied by the song “Red Giant,” and continues the story of Alpha and Beta, two aliens disguised as humans trying to find a way to contact their home world. They’re pursued by a U.S. immigration officer named Nil, who also has alien origins.

Speaking to SyFy, director Adam Mason says the story of Black Antenna was inspired by “a combination of the homeless problem in Los Angeles and what’s happening with immigration in the past few years.”

“It’s not really a political movie, it’s just whenever I hear the term ‘illegal alien’ I immediately start to wonder if extraterrestrial aliens would be welcome here,” Mason explains. “And the answer is probably ‘F***, no!'”

The “Red Giant” segment is the third Black Antenna installment, following the “The One You Know” and “Rainier Fog” chapters. The film will eventually comprise 10 parts.

Alice in Chains will launch a North American spring tour in support of Rainier Fog in April. They’ll then team up with Korn for a co-headlining tour starting in July.

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