Jimmy Eat World drummer blasts Third Eye Blind frontman as “creepy”

ABC/Randy HolmesJimmy Eat World and Third Eye Blind are apparently in “The Middle” — sorry — of a feud.

The two bands spent the summer on tour together, and after the final night of the joint run earlier this month, Jimmy Eat World drummer Zach Lind took a shot at 3EB frontman Stephan Jenkins.

“Stephan Jenkins is such a f***ing creepy d*****bag,” Lind tweeted. He added, in parentheses, “I feel so much better now.”

Lind also shared a flyer that was apparently posted backstage during the tour, which featured photos off the Third Eye Blind members.

“The members of Third Eye Blind will not be wearing laminates,” the flyer reads. “Please learn their faces so that they are granted entrance to all areas of the venue, but please also be diligent in making sure they are the only people allowed entrance backstage without laminates.”

Lind then doubled down on his characterization of Jenkins, writing that his initial comments were, in fact, “extravagantly generous.”

“For those saying I should have said my piece in person,” he continued. “A) you don’t know I didn’t and B) you’re coming to the defense of someone who literally redrafted his band’s recording contract for his own benefit on the eve of the signing & didn’t tell his band mates until years later!”

Jenkins has not publicly responded to Lind’s comments.

Meanwhile, Third Eye Blind will release a new album called Screamer on October 18, while Jimmy Eat World’s next effort is “mixed & mastered.”

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