Deftones’ Chino Moreno & CHVRCHES’ Lauren Mayberry talk about going beyond genre

ABC/Randy Holmes

Deftones caused quite a stir earlier this year when they booked CHVRCHES to play their Dia De Los Deftones festival, so now Kerrang! magazine has gotten the two acts’ respective vocalists, Chino Moreno and Lauren Mayberry, together to talk about why limiting yourself to one genre of music is a bad thing.

During their conversation, Moreno and Mayberry bond over the fact that neither band feels they fit perfectly into any particular scene.

“I learned to care about genre when I was a teenager,” Mayberry tells Moreno. “People would say, ‘You can’t listen to that.’ And you’d think, ‘I didn’t know! No one told me!'”

She adds, “I’m glad I found my way out of that, because I feel a sense of identity and community is important at that age, but it’s a sad way to live.”

Moreno agrees. “Yeah, you box yourself in. You shouldn’t have to commit, especially at that age when there’s so much stuff to explore,” he notes. “If you just follow one thing for too long, you’re not letting yourself experience it. In every genre there’s good and bad. In any genre these days I could find something interesting — even in country music.”

And, like CHVRCHES, Moreno admits that while Deftones may be lumped into one genre, they were always much more than that.

“We never fit into the metal world. We could play shows with them, but we were never…whatever,” he maintains. “I always thought it was kind of cool that we could dip and go into anything and make it work. That’s added to our longevity as a band too, because we were never so one thing.”

You can read more of the interview in the new issue of Kerrang!

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