Baby Stressica? Twenty One Pilots’ Tyler Joseph jokes about potential names for first child

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty ImagesWould you ever give your child a Twenty One Pilots-themed name? If so, frontman Tyler Joseph has some suggestions.

To back up a bit: A TOP fan recently tweeted a plea to the band’s more-than-a-little passionate fan base to not read too much into the name Joseph and his wife, Jenna, give their upcoming first child.

“[Please] don’t make baby Joseph’s life all about the band,” the fan wrote. “If she’s named Ruby, it would not be [because] of the song…please just be mindful that she will exist outside of twenty one pilots.”

Ever the jokester, Joseph replied, “Was leaning towards Heathers or Stressica,” a clear reference to the Twenty One Pilots hits “Heathens” and “Stressed Out.”

Tyler and Jenna revealed that they were expecting during Twenty One Pilots’ show at Lollapalooza Berlin in September.

After the news was announced, Joseph joked that his relationship with fans has prepared him for parenthood. “I actually already have years of parenting experience under my belt because of all you slimeballs,” he wrote.

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