The Struts’ Luke Spiller shoots his shot with Daft Punk: “Hire me, baby!”

Interscope Records After teaming up with Kesha on the single “Body Talks,” The Struts frontman Luke Spiller has an idea for the band’s next collaboration.

“I’d really like to guest vocal on Daft Punk,” Spiller tells ABC Audio.

“I think we’d get on,” he adds of the electronic icons. “I’m thinking that whole disco vibe, I think I’ve got a good vocal for that.”

Spiller isn’t just picking a name out of a hat, either — he has a very specific idea of what Daft Struts would sound like. In his mind, they could come together to create a song that combines elements of Leo Sayer‘s ’70s disco hit “Thunder in My Heart” and the opening song from the musical Grease.

With a pitch like that, how could the “Get Lucky” duo say no?

“Daft Punk: hear me, baby, hire me, baby!” Spiller declares. 

While we wait for that to happen, you can listen to the “Body Talks” Kesha collab on The Struts’ latest album, 2018’s YOUNG&DANGEROUS. The band also released their spin on the oft-covered Motown classic “Dancing in the Street” over the summer.

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