After ‘The Last Dance,’ Pearl Jam premieres 2006 “Present Tense” live recording

Credit: Danny ClinchBy JOSH JOHNSON, ABC News

If you caught Sunday’s finale of The Last Dance, the hit ESPN docu-series on Michael Jordan‘s final season with the Chicago Bulls, then you heard Pearl Jam‘s No Code song “Present Tense” play over the ending montage. The grunge heroes have now unearthed a 2006 live version of “Present Tense,” recorded at Jordan’s former home arena: the United Center in Chicago.

In introducing the song to the audience, frontman Eddie Vedder gave an eerily prescient speech about how “Present Tense” reminds him of those championship Bulls teams.

“I think you can bring up Michael Jordan and the Chicago team since we’re in this room tonight and in their house,” Vedder said. “It was an amazing time in life, especially if you grew up in Chicago.”

“Even though music and athleticism, it doesn’t really seem like they cross over,” he continued. “But this song, in particular, seems like it does, and I think about those guys.”

You can listen to the 2006 recording streaming now on YouTube.

Pearl Jam, of course, is closely associated with Seattle, though since Vedder was born in Evanston, Illinois, he’s a big Chicago sports fan. He’s also developed a friendship with former Chicago Bull Dennis Rodman, who’s showed up on stage during a number of Pearl Jam shows.

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