Serj Tankian’s upcoming rock EP to include “more synth flavors” than System of a Down songs

Carlos Tischler/Getty ImagesBy JOSH JOHNSON, ABC News

System of a Down frontman Serj Tankian has shared more details about his upcoming rock EP, telling that the collection will have a bit of an electronic influence, as well.

“They have more synth flavors than most System songs do,” Tankian says of the songs on the EP. “More arpeggiated stuff like that.”

Tankian adds that the songs will “still have the heavy groove,” as well as “a lot of beautiful ballad-y stuff” akin to his work on his 2007 debut solo album, Elect the Dead, as well as some of his other “earlier solo stuff.”

“It’s a really good EP,” he says.

Tankian previously revealed the existence of the EP in a recent interview with Spin, explaining that the collection is made up of songs he originally wanted to use for System. He added that the EP will be called Elasticity, which is play on the title of SOAD’s 2001 album, Toxicity

“For me, it’s not Toxicity but it is Toxicity,” he said.

System, of course, hasn’t released a new album since 2005.

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