Halestorm’s preparing to unleash “a lot of caged energy” on upcoming new album

Credit: Jimmy Fontaine

Halestorm is “Back from the Dead,” and there’s a lot more where that came from.

The “I Miss the Misery” rockers unleashed their latest single in August, marking the first preview of their upcoming fifth studio album. As drummer Arejay Hale tells ABC Audio, “Back from the Dead” is just a taste of the intensity you’ll hear when the full record arrives.

“I think the biggest thing that this song represents is a lot of caged energy that has just finally just been — blah! —  just released, you know?” Hale laughs.

Writing “Back from the Dead,” Hale shares, was one of those special instances where it felt like the song was writing itself.

“Those are the best songs that come out of you, when they just write themselves, when it all just comes out so easily,” Hale says. “It’s rare…it’s impossible to consciously recreate that, but when it happens, it’s magical. This was one of those songs that just flowed out of us.”

It’s a feeling Hale’s had before, often on songs that turn out to be the backbone on which new Halestorm albums are built.

“Every album cycle, there’s always that one song,” Hale explains. “It was ‘Uncomfortable’ on [Vicious], it was ‘Love Bites’ on Strange Case, and it was ‘Mayhem’ on [Into the Wild Life], where we’re just, like, ‘Let’s give it everything we’ve got.’

“When we do, it’s, like, ‘Oh, OK! I think we’ve got something here, and now we have a template,'” he continues. “‘The bar has been raised up here, and now let’s bring the other songs up to this level.’ And that’s where we’re at right now.”

The new Halestorm album, the follow-up to 2018’s Vicious, is due out in 2022.

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