Evanescence announces new ‘Echoes from the Void’ graphic novel

Credit: Nick Fancher

Evanescence has announced the second installment of Echoes from the Void, a series of fantasy graphic novels based on the band’s songs.

The latest book, titled The Revolution of Cassandra, takes inspiration from the track “Use My Voice,” and tells the story of a “liberal, astrology-loving humanitarian” who is “caught in the crossfire of a raging civil war and must save her sister from the firing squad of a brutal dictator.”

“A few years back my friend and video director Eric Howell sent me a screenplay he was writing called The Revolution of Cassandra,” says frontwoman Amy Lee. “This time, instead of a film, he wanted to make it into a graphic novel.”

“As I read it, I kept hearing this song I’d been working on, ‘Use My Voice,’ over and over in my head, because it felt like the song and Cassandra lived in the same world, she continues. “The power of love, and truth, and sisterhood, standing up to the broken machine. Hanging onto the belief that humanity is worth fighting for.”

The Revolution of Cassandra is set to ship this December.

In total, Echoes from the Void will consist of five issues. The first book, which was released over the summer, is inspired by the Evanescence songs “Better Without You” and “Wasted on You.”

In other rock comic book news, Mötley Crüe has announced a new graphic novel, as well. Titled The Dirt: Declassified, the book reimagines the “Dr. Feelgood” rockers as “undercover government operatives.”

The Dirt: Declassified is due out spring 2022.

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