Oahe Capitals Announce Name to Former PAYSA Building

Oahe Capitals Announce Name to Former PAYSA Building

Pierre (SD) – The Oahe Hockey Association is announcing a new name for its year-round practice facility on Lowell Avenue in Pierre, formerly known as PAYSA. The facility will now be called the Ice Barn.

The Oahe Hockey Association purchased the practice facility in 2016 from the now-defunct Pierre Area Youth Skating Association and the PAYSA acronym became the building’s name.

With the “Capitalize on the Future” fundraising campaign underway to improve hockey facilities and create opportunities for central South Dakota youth, renaming the facility became a priority.

“In the first year of Capitalize on the Future we’ve raised almost $700,000 and completed the first two phases of our goal,” said campaign lead Nick Marso. “We’re excited to rename PAYSA to Ice Barn, the primary focus of Phase III.”

While the Expo Center in Ft. Pierre will continue to be the main rink for Oahe Capitals hockey games, the Ice Barn has year-round ice, including a robust summer program.

“We’ve got more than 100 skaters registered for our spring and summer sessions at the Ice Barn with Head Coach Steve Steele,” said Past President Nathan Sanderson. “When the Ice Barn is fully remodeled, we can host summer hockey tournaments, figure skating events, and add another attraction for our community.”

“Thanks to the strong support from individuals and businesses in our community, we’re making improvements to the Expo Center and the Ice Barn,” Marso added. “We’re seeking sponsorship opportunities in ‘The Barn,’ so there are many ways to continue supporting Oahe Capitals hockey.”

The Oahe Hockey Association has more than 200 skaters from 150 families participating in hockey in central South Dakota. During the 2022-2023 season, Oahe Hockey hosted more than 90 games, including the Junior Varsity state tournament. Oahe Hockey recently celebrated two state championship teams and has the highest number of players per capita of any hockey association in South Dakota.

More information on the Capitalize on the Future fundraising campaign is available at www.oahehockey.org .

[Picture: Rendering of the Ice Barn entrance once completed.]